The Resource The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost,, [by] Pearl Baker

The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost,, [by] Pearl Baker

The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost,
The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost,
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[by] Pearl Baker
  • "Robbers Roost was a hideout for outlaws and hunted men long before Butch Cassidy found it in 1884. The impenetrable wastes and wilds of this high desert country in southeastern Utah, cut through by canyons along the Green and Colorado rivers and bounded on the west by the Dirty Devil, discouraged lawmen from pursuit. Growing up on a ranch that included Robbers Roost, Pearl Baker heard many of the legends about?and talked to many who remembered?the notorious Wild Bunch. In the 1890s they spread over Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Arizona rustling cattle, stealing horses, robbing banks and trains, and often taking cover at Robbers Roost. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Flat Nose George and the Curry boys, Elzy Lay, Gunplay Maxwell, the McCarty boys, Peep O'Day, Silver Tip, Blue John, and Indian Ed Newcomb?they all come to rip-roaring life while courting death in The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost." -- publisher's information
  • "Long before Butch Cassidy first drove his stolen horses there in 1884, Robbers Roost was a sanctuary for outlaws and hunted men. This high desert country with its countless side canyons along the Green River and the Colorado is bounded on the west by the Dirty Devil river; it is an isolated area that is still not well known. Being wild and so remote was a distinct assest for the outlaws. Quite understandably the law men hesistated to attempt to penetrate these wastes to capture the wanted men. Pearl baker, the author, has known this country intimately since she was a child, and ever since she was in high school she has taken notes and done serious research that resulted in this imformative, often entertaining, always worthwhile book. Picture Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Inidan Ed Newcomb, Flat Nose george, Blue John, Elzy Lay, and all the other outlaws who made up The Wild Bunch riding down the canyon in the photograph above. This is where the Robbers Roost hideout was located. Then open the book and find out how the author has peopled this panorama with historic, but lively, characters." -- back cover
  • "Today they are part of the lively lore of the Wild West but in their day- the late nineteenth and early twentieth century- the Wild Bunch were far less romantic, often a hazard to be reckoned with. Cattle rustlers, horse theives, bank and train robbers, they hid out between exploits in the nearly impenetrable wilds of Utah in an area called Robbers Roost. All of the notorious outlaws, and many of lesser fame (but equal in infamy) are found in this lively, exciting book. As a girl, author pearl Baker's familyy's ranch inclluded Robbers Roost and she heard many of the legends, knew many people who remembered the outlaws. Additional research resulted in this book and she has added still more new material for this revised edition. The Bunch included such color-fully-named outlaws as Flat Nose George, Elzy Lay, Butch Cassidy and his companion, The Sundance Kid, Gunplay Maxwell, Peep O'day, Silver Tip, and Indian Ed. Their activities included crimes such as the Telluride bank robbery, the Delta Bank robbery, The Castle Gate holdup, whole their train robberies cam so frequently that finally the Pinkerton Agency was retained by the Union Pacific Railroad to defend its rolling stock. The Bunch roamed over Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Arizona, striking quickly and runing for cover. Finally the most notorious outlaws, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, had to flee to South America to avoid capture, where both, according to tradition, were killed. However, Pearl baker has uncovered new evidence that indicates that one dead man was wrongly identified as Cassidy, who quietly slipped back into the State and died here many years later. All in all, this is a most rewarding, exciting bit of true history, an authentic bit of Americana, the new material incorporated in this new edition making it even more worthwhile for those interested both in crime and Western American history." -- book jacket
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The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost,, [by] Pearl Baker
The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost,, [by] Pearl Baker
Includes a 'Time Table' for The Wild Bunch (chronology)
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Includes an index (pages 217-224)
  • Some Others, Including Grimes and Ricker
  • Silver Tip, Bllue John and Indian Ed Newcomb
  • Tom, Billy, and Fred McCarty
  • The Telluride Bank robbery
  • The Delta Bank Robbery
  • Elzy Lay
  • Butch cassidy
  • The Castle Gate Payroll Holdup
  • Chases at the Roost
  • Index
  • Robbers Roost Country
  • Butch Cassidy Finds the Wild Bunch
  • Jack Moore
  • Gunplay (C.L. Maxwell)
  • Matt Warner
  • Joe Walker
  • Tom Dilly
  • Flat Nose George and the Curry Boys
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